cooperation with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Since 2017, Prague Centre for Media Skill (PCMS) has been proud to provide support to the Training Department of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in order to champion journalistic excellence and advance the cause of fair, inclusive, and transparent societies. PCMS shares RFE/RL’s dedication to supporting journalists in regions where democracy and independent media face significant challenges. In 2022, after the unprecedented shift to online platforms necessitated by the pandemic, PCMS resumed in-person training sessions, allowing for more personal and interactive exchanges between participants from across RFE/RL’s target region.

To date, PCMS has been represented by our Chair, Frank Williams, who has been instrumental in sharing his long and extensive experience in the field. Frank has delivered presentations on journalistic standards and ethics in both English and Russian to newcomers to RFE/RL’s journalistic team.

Supporting RFE/RL's Mission to Provide High-Quality, Uncensored, Independent Journalism

Our collaboration centres on RFE/RL's unwavering mission to deliver high-quality, uncensored, and independent journalism to countries where media freedom is non-existent or severely restricted. Frank's sessions focus on upholding the traditional values of news journalism: reliability, accuracy, objectivity, and fairness. In its work with RFE/RL, PCMS aims to equip aspiring journalists with the necessary skills, knowledge, and ethical foundations to navigate complex political climates and challenging media environments.