recent activities

September 2023

PCMS participated in a conference addressing accessibility and people with hearing impairments organised by ASNEP and DeafFriendly.

July 2023

PCMS worked with the Democracy Protection Network initiative to assess the key trends, risks and opportunities for democracy in 2022.

June 2023

PCMS took part in the international "Media and Ukraine" conference, organized by Czech Public Radio (Český rozhlas) as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations.

April 2023

PCMS joined a course organised by the Czech Ministry of Defense to equip journalists with the skills needed to work safely in combat or other extreme situations.

December 2022

PCMS shared its views on media and technology at the "EU Screen 2022 Translating Media Pasts" conference.

November 2022

Armenian NGO Democracy Today invited PCMS to participate in the 10th international "Women's Shared Security in Our Modern World" conference in Yerevan.

October 2022

PCMS and its consortium partners presented the results of their survey on digitalisation and people with special needs at the Czech-Norwegian conference "Media and Human Rights in the Digital Age".

May 2022

PCMS Projects’ Director met with the UN Human Rights Council President Federico Villegas in Prague.

March 2022

PCMS and its consortium partners conducted qualitative research with people with special needs to assess the impact of technology on their lives.

news and publications

  • Following the 2023 undergraduate course on human rights in the digital age, a set of study texts, including PCMS contributions, was published (July 7, 2023).
  • PCMS produced two instalments of a 2-part video course targeted at media professionals to increase understanding of the impact of digitalisation and new technologies on human rights (June 16, 2023).
  • PCMS released its Annual Report for 2022,  available in both English and Czech (May 15, 2023).
  • As part of its contribution to the “Promoting Human Rights in the Digital Era” project, PCMS gave its third lecture in a series of 13 for undergraduate students of journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, Prague. The lecture focused on the impact of digitalisation and new technologies on human rights (April 26, 2023).
  • Training for humanitarian and media workers in crisis contexts (April 17, 2023)
  • The second PCMS lecture to journalism students at Charles University covered the impact of modern technologies on people with special needs (March 29, 2023).
  • Our opening PCMS lecture at Charles University took place with accessibility specialist  Mariana Chytilova as guest speaker (March 22, 2023).
  • Public presentation of research results from the “Promoting Human Rights in the Digital Era” project (October 14, 2022).